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Announcing the Launch of HealthierYou!

Become a "Healthier You" With Our New Online Program

If becoming a Healthier You is something you’re interested in, then we’ve got great news for you: our Health Experts are ready to help you achieve your health goal, one delicious (and nutritious) meal at a time!

Healthier You

Introducing “Healthier You” (Food as Medicine) Program

Members select a health goal for every month (Weight Loss, Ketogenic diet plan, or detox). At the end of each month, they have the option to continue on the same goal to maximize on the results, or select a new health goal. It’s all a part of building a Healthier You the way you want to.

Our “Food as Medicine” Philosophy Explained

The Health Experts believe that the food we put into our bodies have the greatest impact on how we feel and function, and that food truly has the ability to heal. For example, fruits and vegetables contain so many vital vitamins, minerals and antioxidants capable of improving a person’s immune health substantially, and even preventing chronic illness.

Today, health professionals are discovering the amazing world of Nutrigenomics: the scientific study of the way nutrition and genes interact, especially concerning the prevention or treatment of disease. We’re beginning to understand how food acts as information for our genes; playing a significant role in factors like stress reduction, balancing blood sugar and hormones, controlling inflammation, promoting gut health, eliminating toxins, and improving the absorption of nutrients in the body. That said, our Healthier You program employs Nutrigenomics and personalized nutrition to get our members the most effective results they’ll notice both physically and emotionally.

So whether your goal is to lose weight, increase energy, detox (or all of these!), our Healthier You Program is designed to help you achieve just that – with a weekly shopping list and simple daily recipes you’ll enjoy.

Ready to become a Healthier You?

To try our Healthier You Program today, simply choose your health goal here!

Remember there is no long-term commitment. You only stay if you’re loving the program and enjoying the recipes.

In good health!