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Are You Doing What You Can to Prevent Sarcopenia?

McMaster Study Shows the Value of Precise Nutrition

If you aren’t familiar with sarcopenia, it’s time to learn the facts.

Sarcopenia occurs when our skeletal muscle mass begins to deteriorate and waste away – a seemingly inevitable (but preventable) part of aging.

But when sarcopenia progresses and is not managed or treated, daily tasks such as taking the stairs, or simply getting up from a seat can become that much more challenging… if not impossible. Not to mention, sarcopenia is also shown to be related to metabolic problems such as type 2 diabetes, and even increases the risk of disability in sufferers.

But we’ve got some excellent news: research from McMaster University has opened us up to a new and successful method of sarcopenia prevention and muscle health improvement – and it all comes down to specific supplementation (something our sports nutrition expert Frank Pirri is surely no stranger to)!


Great Nutrition Leads to Great Gains…

The study conducted by McMaster University followed two groups of men aged 70 and beyond for six weeks. One group was given a protein-based, multi-ingredient supplement including whey protein, creatine, calcium, vitamin D and fish oil to take for six weeks with no exercise routine, while the other group was given a placebo; no exercise as well. After the initial 6 weeks, the subjects were required to continue taking the supplements and placebos in conjunction with a 12-week exercise training program featuring a specific combination of exercises aimed to improve muscle strength and fitness.

Impressively, the findings showed that while the exercise program resulted in greater gains in strength, the supplementation alone during the first 6 weeks lead to 700 grams of lean body mass gains in the subjects! The interesting part is, this is the same amount of muscle mass that these men would typically be expected to lose within a year. This just goes to show how important and effective proper supplementation is when it comes to ensuring our muscle health and overall physical fitness.

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Are you doing everything you can to prevent sarcopenia (and its associated conditions)? Are your muscles as healthy as they can be to ensure a fit, functional body for life? Something to think about.

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