Marilyn Mitchell

Holistic Nutritional Therapist
Cert. Holistic Coach Practitioner

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In a league of her own

Possessing a university education in Business Management and Marketing, Marilyn has spent over 35 years perfecting her skills. Having worked in a management position for international companies, experience in dealing with people, human resources and challenges is abundant.

Once Marilyn made the decision to enter the health industry, she secured a medical certificate as a certified Ophthalmic Assistant, held the position of Executive Assistant to a Medical Centre and finally worked in management within the retail sector of the Natural Health Products Industry, before becoming co-owner and operator of Health Experts Canada and earning a degree as a certified Holistic Nutritional Therapist. Marilyn has since gone on to become a Certified Holistic Coach Practitioner.

Having a vast knowledge and experience in both the conventional methods of wellness and the current practices of complimentary medicine, Marilyn has been very successful in providing well searched answers to the questions of “why purchase health foods and nutritional supplementation?”

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