Introducing MyBlueprint™: Genetic Testing for
Personalized Nutrition and Optimal Health

Better health and wellness starts with your genes.

Health professionals today are beginning to realize the incredible benefits of Nutrigenomics – which is the scientific study of the way nutrition and genes interact, particularly regarding the prevention or treatment of disease.

There’s no question about it: Food acts as information for our genes and can play a significant role in factors like reducing stress, balancing blood sugar and hormones, controlling inflammation, promoting gut health, eliminating toxins, and boosting the absorption of nutrients in the body. But everyone’s genes are different, and this is something we especially need to consider.

With that being said, our Health Experts would like to introduce a revolutionary product capable of helping people become the healthiest versions of themselves through genetic testing… and it goes by the name of MyBlueprint™.

What is MyBlueprint™?

AOR’s MyBlueprint™ is a DNA-based Nutrition and Lifestyle Report that uses cutting-edge technology to identify a person’s unique genetic variations that impact their specific nutrient needs, food sensitivity predisposition, hormonal imbalances, detoxification pathways and mental wellness.

Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) are common genetic variations that determine many of these differences. With just one simple test, the MyBlueprint™ technology can identify 84 unique variants spanning 65 genes that impact a broad range of health issues.

What can MyBlueprint™ tell me about my health?

The MyBlueprint™ technology can identify the unique genetic variations that make up you, including those related to the following:

  • Your Diet: Explains how fats and carbohydrates affect your risk of obesity and diseases like diabetes.

  • Your Sensitivities: Identifies your predispositions to food sensitivities as well as your ability to absorb nutrients.

  • Your Specific Nutrient needs: Customizes a unique diet and supplements plan based on your results.

  • Your Physical Fitness: Pinpoints the best exercise regimen for your body, as well as any predisposition to injury.

  • Your Mental Health & Wellness: Identifies genes relating to cognition, stress, emotions, and substance addiction.

  • Your Natural Ability to Detox: Discovers how quickly your body removes toxins and what you can do to adjust.

  • Your Obesity Risk: Discovers how quickly your body removes toxins and what you can do to adjust.

  • Your Hormonal Health: Focuses on your genetic predispositions around thyroid, estrogen and testosterone.

$309.99 Special Online Price

(regular $349.99)

Available only to Canadian residents

How do I get started?

After registering and purchasing your kit ( online, you will receive your MyBlueprint™ box in the mail. This box includes an envelope, order form, simple instructions, swab & vial. All you’ll need to do is take a swab from the inside of your mouth, placing the sealed tube into the specimen bag and then mailing the pre-labeled envelope back for testing

Now it’s time to wait patiently for your results!

What’s included with my results?

Your report will include a straightforward and easy-to-comprehend, personalized action plan along with recommendations for research-backed supplements to help you take the next steps necessary for reaching your optimal health. MyBlueprint™ follows a Privacy Pledge to never share or sell your data, so you can rest assured that your results are confidential and safe. User information and test result databases are separately stored, and samples and data are also destroyed after 6 months.

About AOR: The company behind MyBlueprint™

Founded by Dr. Traj Nibber, AOR is a family company consisting of a team of clinicians and genetic experts that specialize in the field of genomics and practice a targeted approach to supplement design. For almost 30 years, AOR has led the industry in introducing new ingredients, formulations, and delivery systems to the market. Just like our Health Experts, AOR understands that everyone’s body chemistry is unique – and so following a personalized nutritional and supplemental approach is truly the answer to optimal health for every individual.

Personalized nutrition is the future of optimal health and wellness.

Your genes can affect the way your body responds to certain nutrients and doses. With MyBlueprint™’s DNA-based nutrition and lifestyle report and customized plan, you can start taking the steps required to take your health to new heights.

$309.99 Special Online Price

(regular $349.99)

Available only to Canadian residents