State-of-Shock Program:
Dealing with Health Conditions

When a person learns they are faced with a certain health condition or disease, this can bring them to a sudden state of shock. “How is this going to affect my life? How is this going to change the way I live?”.

State of Shock

We more than anything know how it can be an unpleasant experience learning about a new health issue. . This is why we’ve created a special State of Shock Program to help clients manage existing health conditions or diseases while living a healthy lifestyle.

In this program, Frank Pirri and Marilyn Mitchell will provide specific One-on-One health counseling, which will involve a full Nutritional Assessment in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the client’s unique health needs. We will work together to ensure that you continue to live in your healthiest body, despite any limitations your health condition may be presenting.

Our Experts will also address any immediate health concerns you may have, and will provide you with a specific dietary outline including food recipes designed for the management of your unique health condition. Our supplements expert will also suggest a list of complementary nutritional supplements for disease management, as this can make a huge impact in helping to improve the client’s quality of life.

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