Nutrition Counseling

With Health Experts Canada’s one-on-one nutrition counseling, clients can learn about their specific dietary needs, as well as learn how to apply this knowledge to enrich their lifestyles and live as healthily as possible. As part of our counseling, a complete dietary program for each client is uniquely prepared and presented, helping you to excel on your holistic health and wellness journey.

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Frank and Marilyn will first conduct a full Nutritional Assessment, where all areas of nutritional requirements are discussed. This is a very important step that will allow our Experts to gain a comprehensive understanding about the client’s unique needs.

Our One-on-One Nutrition Counseling also includes the monitoring and management of calorie input and expenditures; as calorie consideration is an essential component to ensuring a client’s nutritional needs are being met daily.

For many clients, our newest Healthier You program is an ideal way to achieve weight loss, ketosis or detoxification through delicious, one-month-at-a-time diet plans. Learn more about Healthier You here.

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