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The 7-Day Metabolic Activation Program!

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Frank and Marilyn are masters at developing human potential. They are passionate about helping people see the big picture to overcome any obstacles hindering them from living healthier and more balanced lifestyles.

Wendy  // Toronto
"I am very pleased with the transformational results and would highly recommend this program to anyone!" 

I started with Health Experts Canada, and what an incredible change it has made in my life in such a short amount of time!

Peter // Toronto 

"Frank & Marilyn have provided me the ability to manage and maintain my personal state of health.  Thank You!"

The knowledge, expertise and sincere presentation from Frank & Marilyn, always leaves me feeling relaxed, well informed, and with an excited and positive outlook toward my health.

Karen // Toronto 

Just Imagine! 

Lose Weight, Feel Great, Combat Fatigue & Boost Your Energy! 


The Simple 7-Day Program Designed With the Busy Individual In Mind!

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Designed with the Holistic Nutritionists from

Health Experts Canada


Marilyn Mitchell


Frank Pirri 


The Team that brought you the 28-Day Healthier You Programs for Detox, Weight Loss and the Famous Ketogenic Diet

And the Massively Successful...


State of Shock Success Program!


Comes an ALL-NEW 7-Day program designed to Re-Activate Your Metabolism!


All While Helping You Save Time AND Money!

If You're Ready To Kick Your Health Into High Gear,


The 7-Day Metabolic Activation Program Is For You! 

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Lose Weight!

By kickstarting your metabolism, your body can finally start dropping the excess weight you've been struggling with.  By lowering the glycemic load on your body, you can start to stabilize blood sugar and reduce cravings!

Save Time AND Money!

With easy to follow and simple yet delicious smoothie recipes, not only will you be spending less time in the kitchen, our shopping list of healthy foods will also have you keeping more of your hard earned money in your pocket! 

Boost Your Energy Level! 

By helping to remove an excess buildup of toxins, you give your body a chance to function at optimal levels, which leads you to feeling stronger and more energetic throughout the day!

Custom Shopping List!

To guarantee you are prepared for the duration of your program, you will be provided with a shopping list, specific to everything you will need for your 7 days!

Delicious, Target Specific Recipes!

You get metabolic targeted & healthy smoothie recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  That's 21 individual, unique and time of day specific recipes so you never get bored!


Exclusive Access to the Private 'Healthier You' Facebook Group!

Receive continued accountability and support within a private community of like-minded individuals striving to maintain optimal levels of health & wellness.

The Metabolic Activation Program

is a Simple 7-Day Body Reset Designed With The Busy Professional in Mind!

Enjoy Delicious Smoothie Recipes For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!

...So You Can Lose Weight With Ease, Detox Your Body, Boost Your Energy and Feel Fantastic! 

7-Day Metabolic Activation Program



  • 21 Simple, Delicious, Easy to Make, Target Specific Recipes!
  • Custom Shopping List!
  • Boost Energy Levels! 
  • Save Time & Money!
  • Lose Weight & Feel Great!
  • Enjoy FREE Access to the 'Healthier You' Facebook Community for Continued Support!

As a busy professional myself, I know how difficult it can be to find the Time and the Energy to Get Healthy! 

Hey there!  My name is Frank Pirri, Nutritionist and Supplement Specialist with Health Experts Canada.  My background is in the sports sciences and I have had the privilege of working with some of the most impressive athletes, business owners and entrepreneurs at every level of success over the last 25+ years and guiding them to Optimal Levels of Health & Well-Being!

Not long after starting out in business, the personal responsibility, time constraints, daily grind and massive stress load along with some BIG personal family challenges, took it's toll on me and I suffered a terrible downward spiral with my own health.

30 pounds overweight, struggling to stabilize sugar cravings, low energy, poor sleep and at risk of serious heart disease, were just some of the symptoms I was no longer wiling to accept!

Desperate for guidance and support, I explored every available program, doctor or coach and came up short EVERY time!  Every option out there was too generic, too time consuming, expensive and too cookie-cutter to target my specific needs.

That's when my business partner doubled down on me and offered me the clarity I so desperately needed!  I literally went Back to Basics and applied everything I knew and had been taught about the 'Foundations of Functional Wellness', and got busy implementing them into my life.

My personal transformation was incredible and the successful results I experienced are what inspired my partner, Marilyn, and myself to teach and help so many others achieve their own states of Optimal Health & Well-Being through Health Experts Canada!

Sometimes, Simple is Successful and Basic is Beautiful!  So if you're struggling to kickstart your metabolism and get healthy in an affordable and efficient way, and you're tired of wasting time searching for answers...

Then the 7-Day Metabolic Activation Program is For You!


"It's not just about the weight loss!  Thank you so much for giving me the tools to change my life!"

It's all about how I feel and all of the new knowledge that I have.  I feel amazing, all because of the both of you!  Thank You!!!

Sarah // Toronto 

"Thankfully, your 7-Day Metabolic Activation Program came along and started me back on the path to personal health and wellness!"

As a busy executive, the last few years have been extremely stressful.  Admittedly, I wasn't as focussed on my health as I should have been.  My weight ballooned along with my stress all while my energy levels decreased.  Thankfully, your program came along and started me back on the right path.  Thank You!

Sean // Toronto 



The Simple 7-Day Program Designed With the Busy Professional In Mind!


Lose Weight, Feel Great, Combat Fatigue & Boost Your Energy!


Kickstart Your Metabolism NOW!