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  • Adapt a more positive mindset
  • Improve digestion and gut health
  • Improve appearence of skin
  • Prevent common health conditions
Meet your Health Coaches...
Frank and Marilyn

Frank Pirri & Marilyn Mitchell have a wealth of knowledge to share through education, experience, and understanding.

Together, they have over 20 years of experience specializing in teaching the foundations of "Functional Wellness".

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Your health matters And we are here to help

We're given one body to take care of (and feel great in) for our entire life. And when we aren't feeling or functioning our absolute best, an insufficient diet or lifestyle is almost always to blame. This is where we come in.

The Health Experts are a holistic nutrition and fitness consulting company owned by Frank Pirri & Marilyn Mitchell, located within The Apple Market in Mississauga, Ontario. Together, Frank and Marilyn have over 20 years of experience specializing in lifestyle management, along with sport and nutritional supplementation.

To this day, The Health Experts have one primary goal: to show our clients how truly incredible their body was designed to feel! Through our individualized one-on-one health and fitness coaching, sustainable weight loss and management programs and supplements, we will help you achieve optimal health so you can feel how you were meant to feel in your own body - and you'll know just how that feels once you get there.

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"Frank and Marilyn are masters at developing human potential. They are passionate about helping people see the big picture to overcome any obstacles hindering them from living healthier and more balanced lifestyles. They truly changed my life for the better."
- Wendy Rhoades

Have you and your family been supplementing with the season in mind?

Let us guide you through the fall, winter, spring and summer with their season-specific nutrition tips that the entire family will benefit from knowing.

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