About Health Experts Canada

Creating a Legacy of Lifelong Health for You and the Generations that will follow Your lead!

To this day, The Health Experts have one primary goal: to show our clients how truly incredible their body was designed to feel!

Through our customized one-on-one health coaching, sustainable weight loss and lifestyle management programs and supplement recommendations, we will help you achieve optimal health so you can feel how you were meant to feel in your own body - And you'll know just how good that feels once you get there.

We're given one body to take care of (and feel great in) for our entire life. And when we aren't feeling or functioning our absolute best, an insufficient diet or lifestyle is almost always to blame. This is where we come in.

Meet The Health Experts

Marilyn Mitchell, T.H.N.Th.

A Holistic Nutritional Therapist with a background in both traditional western medicine and nutritional therapies, Marilyn is credited with designing the core foundations for the Signature System, The State of Shock Success Program!

Her professional expertise lies in the ability to merge the use and benefits of traditional western medicine and holistic nutritional therapies for the most successful outcome.

Frank Pirri, CSN.

A Holistic Nutritionist and Supplement Specialist with a background in Nutritional Sport Sciences, Frank is the first graduate of the Signature Coaching System, The State of Shock Success Program!

His professional expertise lies in the Engineered Weight-Loss programs he designs with the foundations of Functional Wellness at their core.

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