What Can DNA Testing Reveal About Our Specific Health Needs and Risks?

Aug 16, 2022
DNA testing

Here’s how Nutrigenomics has the power to transform our health

Our Health Experts have always been advocates for a more individualized approach to better health. No two bodies are alike, and what works for one person may not work for the other.

With that said, our genes can tell us a whole lot about our health, from our personal risks and susceptibilities to our specific nutritional needs. And it’s through Nutrigenomics, the scientific study of the way nutrition and our genes interact, that can help us determine an unprecedented approach to better health on an individual level.

The Power of Genetic Testing and Individualized Nutrition

Today, we can use individualized nutrition and supplementation as a tool to help us with common problems such as inflammation, poor digestion, obesity, buildup of toxins, food allergies, emotional and mental stress, high blood sugar and more.

But how? Well, through the use of genetic testing technologies such as the Love My Health™ DNA-based nutrition and lifestyle report, you can learn just what you need to in order to truly take your health and wellness to the next level.

About Love My Health™

Love My Health™ is a DNA-based Nutrition and Lifestyle Report that uses cutting-edge technology to identify an individual’s unique genetic variations that impact their specific nutrient needs, food sensitivity predisposition, hormonal imbalances, detoxification pathways and mental wellness.

After completing the simple at-home swab and mailing it back for testing, you’ll receive a report including an easy-to-comprehend and straightforward personalized action plan along with recommendations for research-backed supplements to help you take the next necessary steps for reaching optimal health.

Personalized nutrition is the future of optimal health

Ready to take your health to new heights? Get your Love My Health PRO kit today and discover the expanded clinical panel, which now includes information on 128 Markers, 96 Genes, and 44 Action Plans.

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