Your Guide to Making Healthy Choices this Winter Holiday

Dec 13, 2022

Don’t fall victim to Santa’s guilty pleasures!

Gingerbread cookies, peppermint brownies, Lindt chocolate Santas… the list goes on! What’s your all-time favourite winter holiday treat? (We don’t think we can pick just one).

While these holiday favourites are surely a big part of why we adore December oh so much, these sweet treats have the power to wreak havoc on our health, and on our weight loss or maintenance goals, if we don’t choose to enjoy them in moderation.

So, with the winter holidays serving up sweet after sweet in between office parties, family gatherings and visits with friends, our only defense against falling down an unhealthy path is gaining control over these seasonal temptations.

1. Don’t arrive to the party on an empty stomach.

If you can make sure you don’t leave the house hungry, this will go a long way in helping you to avoid over-consumption. Our eyes are bigger than our stomachs – and when delicious food is within reach, we do have a tendency to eat and eat well after we feel satisfied.

2. Be mindful of portions – and when possible, choose a smaller plate.

Having power over portions is probably the first step to keeping your winter holidays as healthy as possible, and to keep your waistline from expanding beyond what your new pair of jeans will allow.

3. Load up on veggies.

Leave less room for the pastries, high-fat and high-sugar foods by sampling a more generous portion of veggies, and dedicating a little more plate space to their nutritious glory.

4. Keep your drinking to a healthy minimum.

We all know that there are going to be plenty of boozy beverages at your disposal this holiday season! However, it’s important to remember to be responsible with your alcoholic beverage consumption, and keep even more hydrated with water throughout the night.

5. Spend your indulgences wisely.

Do you have any all-time favourite or must-have sweet or savory foods that you just can’t go without each year? Enjoy them! But the catch: saying “no” to the runner-ups. By being picky, this will help to prevent you from over-indulging and going for every option available to you. You know what you like. Use that to your advantage and be strategic!

6. Don’t let the cold scare you away from exercise!

So many of us become inactive during the winter months. Sure, it’s chilly outside – but don’t let this prevent you from going for an invigorating jog outdoors. You may be cold when you first step out there, but after you get moving for a while, you’ll be so glad you did!

Well, will you be making a point to make healthier choices at your upcoming holiday shindigs? We sure hope so! Your body – down to how it feels and how it looks – will surely appreciate your efforts.

And as you head into the New Year, our Health Experts can help make eating healthy easier with our delicious, Healthier You meal plans. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, increase your energy or detoxify your body, you can do it all with Healthier You!


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