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DNA Testing

What Can DNA Testing Reveal About Our Specific Health Needs and Risks?

Here’s how Nutrigenomics has the power to transform our health

Our Health Experts have always been advocates for a more individualized approach to better health. No two bodies are alike, and what works for one person may not work for the other.

With that said, our genes can tell us a whole lot about our health, from our personal risks and susceptibilities to our specific nutritional needs. Continue Reading...

Healthier You

Exploring the Magic of Probiotics

Probiotics seem to be the hottest topic in human health these days – and with good reason!

Did you know that probiotics are considered to be one of the 6 fundamental supplements for optimal health and nutrition? A medicinal probiotic supplement has the ability to stabilize the human gut flora, which can lead to everything from improved digestion, better absorption of nutrients, improved bowel function, improved mental health, a stabilized immune system, and –it’s even been shown to improve the body’s inflammatory response.
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Healthier You

Is Going Keto the Answer for a Healthier, Happier You this 2019?

Feeling inspired to make healthy and positive changes to your life as a 2019 New Year’s Resolution can be an exciting feeling. You start to think about how much better you’ll look and feel, and how your friends and family will take notice, too.

Feeling inspired to make healthy and positive changes to your life as a 2019 New Year’s Resolution can be an exciting feeling. You start to think about how much better you’ll look and feel, and how your friends and family will take notice, too. And while it sure is fun – and easy – to fantasize about becoming a healthier you, we know that actually reaching that goal is a whole different story
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Healthier You

Announcing the Launch of HealthierYou!

Become a "Healthier You" With Our New Online Program

If becoming a Healthier You is something you’re interested in, then we’ve got great news for you: our Health Experts are ready to help you achieve your health goal, one delicious (and nutritious) meal at a time!
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Spring words of wisdom.

Some (Healthy) Words of Wisdom for Spring

New Season, New Beginnings… New YOU!

Spring is the perfect season to begin anew and make better lifestyle choices, adopt better habits and put an end to the unhealthy ones! Taking baby steps every day to becoming a healthier, happier person is something no one will ever say they regret doing! That said, here’s a little springtime motivation from our Health Experts.
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Guide to Making Healthy Choices this Winter Holiday

Your Guide to Making Healthy Choices this Winter Holiday

Don’t fall victim to Santa’s guilty pleasures!

With so many festive parties to attend this winter season, you’ll likely be faced with many unhealthy temptations – left right and centre! So, you can choose to indulge to your heart’s content and without limitation – or, you can get a health-conscious hold on the situation and make better choices while still enjoying all the party has to offer!
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The Amazing Health Benefits of Supplementing with Silica

Have you been taking advantage of this truly special supplement?

Silicium, or silica (among many other names) is one special chemical compound, known for its extensive range of (clinically proven) health and beauty benefits. And get this – when it comes to silica, our bodies can only take advantage when we supplement.
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Eat These Six Powerful Foods for Cold & Flu Season Protection!

When the weather gets cold, people get colds…

As the weather gets cooler, unfortunately, many people around us begin to fall victim to the cold or flu. Our Health Experts want to help you make it through the season cold and flu-free with these six incredible foods, all known to play a role in preventing common sickness.
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Five Effective Ways to Jumpstart a Healthier Lifestyle

Are you ready to make some important changes?

Are you finding it challenging to officially get into the groove of eating healthier and being more active? It happens to the best of us – many of us haven’t exactly been living with health as a priority. But we assure you, getting started is the hardest part… so with that said, here are five effective ways you can jumpstart a healthier way of living!
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Are You Doing What You Can to Prevent Sarcopenia?

McMaster study shows the value of precise nutrition

Sarcopenia occurs when our skeletal muscle mass begins to deteriorate and waste away – a seemingly inevitable (but preventable) part of aging. We've got some great news from a research at McMaster University.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Make Water Your Best Friend

Why is it so essential to stay hydrated?

How much water do you drink every day? Do you make it a priority to drink enough? This month, let’s talk about the importance of staying well hydrated every day! Did you know you could benefit from these 6 things just by increasing your water intake?

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The Truth about Avocados and Your Health

Are avocados as glorious as claimed?

The avocado is held so near and dear to the hearts of many health nuts across the globe! But why is this so? Is incorporating some avocado into our daily diets really worth it? We’ got the avoca-deets for you.

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